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Pamikha Tar paving is a one stop shop for all your tar surfacing, brick paving and tennis court construction solutions. We do it all from the surface preparation (Earthworks and site clearances) to the laying of bricks or asphalt paving (by hand or a paver machine) or the tennis court dressing. Pamikha Tar surfaces does the new construction of the surfaces depicted in the photos below. Not only do we do new installations, we also maintain and repair tar surfaces, brick paving and tennis court.

Our services are:

  • Tar parking lots
  • Road surfacing
  • Tar driveways
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Pothole filling and patching
  • Gravel roads
  • Tar playgrounds and tennis courts
  • Slurry seal and chip seal
  • Kerbing and retaining walls
  • Road markings
  • Brick paving
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